Tobacco Cutting and Grinding Machine

Tobacco Cutting and Grinding Machine

Tobacco Cutting Machine

Item code: D3T-34779-06
Technicial Specifications:
The length of the D3 TECHNIC tobacco chopping machine is 290 cm wide and 820 cm high and 105 cm long.
CAPACITY: 140-180 KG / H
The chopping machine is controlled by plc and is programmed against adverse conditions resulting from overload and blade blinding.
In the design of the D3 TECHNIK tobacco chopping machine, metallurgy and material tests are performed in accordance with the principle of durable and quality production.
There are 2 roller brushes for pallet cleaning.
D3 TEKNIK works with 220V electrical energy, which is the mains standard with motor drivers on tobacco chopping machine

Grinding Machine

Item code: D3T-34779-07
Technical specifications of grinding machine:
The grinding machine is technically equipped for easy fixing and easy fixing of the knives.
The linear movement of the grinding machine has a long-lasting and maintenance-free design against heavy working conditions thanks to the fiber slide on the induction shaft.
150 ”flat stone was used as grinding stone of the machine.

Thanks to the user-friendly design, the cupstone change used in the grinding machine can be changed quickly and practically.
Grinding machine height 120 cm width 100 cm depth is 80 cm.
The wheel drive motor 1.5KW motion drive motor used on the grinding machine is equipped with high quality and long-lasting motor equipment of 0.37 KW.
The grinding motors operate with the mains standard 220v electrical energy.

Made in : Turkey