Tobacco Filling Machine

Tobacco Filling Machine

Dimensions: Width (40 cm) – Length (60 cm) – height (60 cm)
Item code: D3T-34779-05
Carton Dimension: Width (10 cm) – Length (30 cm)- height (10 cm)
Shipping Weight: (22kg)
Peak Power: 2125 Watts
Electrical Output: 1 20 VAC or 240 VAC
CE / TSE Compliant: Yes

As D3 Teknik we are proud to put up for sale of the cigarette filling machine we have series produced. It fills easily made tobacco, produced in Turkey. Especially it filling the tobacco, produced in Adiyaman smoothly. Our machines are stocked and all our respected customers can test it and buy them. We can serve as spare parts service and technical service for 6 months warranty. All design and manufacture belongs to the D3 Teknik Company itself and made in Turkey as 100% domestic.

+ Minimum 20.000 Production Capacities in 10 Hours
+ 1400 filter loading capacities
+ Suitable for 85mm filter
+ Designed for series production
+ Tobacco height limit setting
+ Tobacco density adjustment
+ It is specially designed for dried and semi-wet tobacco
+ The tobacco receptacle is 3 kg
+ 600mm x 450mm x 450mm
+ 220 Volt
+ 60dB noise level
+ No air compressor required. It operate with 220 volts AC.
+ Spare parts are stocked
+ 54 kg, 75 kg portable packed load
+ Machines known as Dragster or RYO are adapted to Turkish Tobacco

There is no other electronic component other than the motor speed control, and it is completely mechanically designed. In this way, the probability of failure is reduced to a minimum.

Made in : Turkey